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This Web Site features a selection few of the written media published in newspapers and magazines about Film Director & Researcher In The Moving Image Domain Muhammad Ali Adeeb. TV interviews and Power Point Presentations will be added. Also featured Articles written by Muhammad Ali Adeeb and Film Reviews by important critics,  in English and Arabic.  Welcome!


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ألغاز مهرجانات السينما العربية Celluloid (Film) VS Video قصص التفاح و السينما TV Interview (Soon) فيلم A1 علي سفر A1 Film By Dr. Jaghnoun
الاسلام امبراطورية الايمان رأس المال الواعي الذكي A1 Film By Critic Duhni
    المرأة ، السيناريو ، السينما   A1 Film By Ali Safar